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Only 15$ Nick Malak – Own The Gram – Your Blueprint To Dominating Instagram

Your Blueprint To Dominating Instagram

Own The Gram – Your Blueprint To Dominating Instagram Nick Malak

Welcome to ” Own The Gram – Your Blueprint To Dominating Instagram”

Discover How You Can Achieve Financial Freedom, Online Success And Much More Through Instagram MarketingIf Your Dream Is To Become An Online Entrepreneur, Travel The World While Earning A Serious Income From Your Laptop, Or Even Just To Escape The Horrors Of A 9-5 Job, Then Keep Reading.

Hi, My Name Is Nick And I Am Going To Tell You How You Can Become The Owner Of A Six-Figure Instagram Marketing Agency In Less Than 3 Months (yes, really!).My Story So Far…I was just like a lot of us are, working long hours in a job I hated and praying for something better. I knew my life wasn’t supposed to revolve around 9-5’s with 2 hours travelling per day and a 45-minute lunch for the next 45 years, but what could I do about it?

I Needed A Break, A Big One.
I started googling ‘how to make money online’, I stumbled across internet marketing forums, and they were talking about Instagram. They were talking about how much money they were making, and I was instantly hooked.This was the day when I decided I was no longer going to be a sucker to the rat race. I decided that I wanted to live life on my terms.A Fire Was Lit Under My Ass.Every evening after I came home from work, I spent hours researching all the latest Instagram methods, I bought all of the courses I could get my hands on, and reached out to as many experts as I could, in the hopes that I could earn even a little bit of money online. I started to realize that almost all of the courses and knowledge out there was based on out-dated methods which showed me how to grow pages, but not how to earn real money from them. They taught me how to start up an agency, but not how to actually land and retain clients.

Finally. A Taste Of Success.After months of banging my head against the wall, testing, experimenting and failing on Instagram, I earned my first dollar online. I was promoting apps on Instagram and getting paid for each download. By this point I was able to grow Instagram accounts, and was starting to learn how to monetize them.My Confidence Started Growing.With my confidence reaching all time highs, I went out and approached a local business. A shaky in person conversation, and a sweaty phone call later on with the boss and I had landed my first client. £50/month, but it was something.The Penny Dropped.After securing my first client, I knew that I could get tons more paying clients, and that I had to make this work. 6 months later, my agency was pulling in 6-figures per year.

‘Within Six Months I Was Able To Scale My Agency To Over 6 Figures While Working Less Than 10 Hours A Week. Now Let Me Show You How To Do It In Half The Time.’Earning my full time income from Instagram has allowed me to travel the world as often as I want, and spend as long a time away as I choose. As long as I have my laptop, I’m fine. Instagram took me from being stuck in an office all day to travelling the world…

All this from 1 social media platform…
Instagram really has been a life saver and a real eye opener to what is possible in the age of the internet entrepreneurs.I built my network of Instagram accounts which now has over 6.5 million followers combined, and I used this to leverage high retainer clients and generate a second income from sponsored posts, shoutouts, affiliate marketing & more. Now, it is my turn to give back.I want you to be able to travel the world and live life on your terms.I want you to earn more money and work fewer hours.I want you to live the life you deserve.Here’s to your success.Nick.

What you’ll learn from Your Blueprint To Dominating Instagram Course :

Module 1 – Own The Gram Mission Briefing
Course Overview [IMPORTANT] (8:19)
Exclusive Facebook Group (0:53)
Module 2 – Laying The Groundwork
Why Strong Foundations Are Crucial (2:13)
Accounts (3:25)
Business vs Personal & Analytics (8:19)
Niche & Account Types (7:57)
Handle vs Name (7:37)
Profile Picture (6:09)
Bulletproof Bio (7:34)
Content (6:19)
Stories, Highlights & Going Live (7:50)
Hashtags (3:25)
Everlasting Goldmines (4:05)
Module 3 – Innovative Content Creation
Content & The Algorithm (8:49)
Content Sources (6:41)
Competitor Research & BPP’s Tutorial (13:31)
High Engagement Formula (5:48)
Crafting Captivating Captions (7:41)
Content Creation Hacks (10:23)
Story Masterclass (16:09)
Market Research Template
Module 4 – Turbocharged Growth
Deconstructing Hashtags (9:48)
Jedi Hashtag Research & Templates (11:14)
Hashtag Strategy (5:07)
The Truth About Follow/Unfollow (6:44)
Advanced Follow/Unfollow & 1-2 Punch (7:21)
Competitions & Giveaways (8:47)
Fan Pages (4:42)
Shoutouts (7:34)
Value Bombing (6:43)
Explore Page, Going Viral, Powerlikes & DM Groups (15:26)
Hashtag Spreadsheet Template
Story Ads (4:14)
Leveraging Big Pages (7:29)
Module 5 – Printing Money With Instagram
Monetization 1 – Products, Affiliate Marketing, Shoutouts, Middleman & Client Management (23:48)
Monetization 2 – Drop Shipping, CPA, Digital Products, Email List & Flipping Accounts (15:08)
How To Actually Sell On Instagram (6:35)
DM Goldmine (7:22)
Monetization On Autopilot (3:09)
Banking With Stories & $8,000 Story Case Study (8:29)
Module 6 – Cutting Edge Automation
Facts, Myths & Risks of Automation (12:18)
Introducing Jarvee (9:51)
Running Automation 24/7 From Windows or Mac (5:47)
Proxies (10:17)
Important Advanced Settings (10:07)
Keeping Track Of Your Accounts (2:55)
Adding Accounts (8:03)
Staying Safe With Multiple Accounts (4:42)
Automated Engagement (17:36)
Optimal Settings & Warming Up P1 (14:49)
Optimal Settings & Warming Up P2 (12:39)
Locating Target Sources & Optimizing (12:25)
Action Blocks & Verifications (6:55)
DMing & Spintax (8:18
Reposting & Campaigns (13:00
Buying vs Creating Accounts (3:14
Cleanup Operations (5:10)
Automation Troubleshooting (8:26)
Alternative Solutions to Learning & Using Jarvee (2:56)
Accounts Spreadsheet & Actions Calculator
Module 7 – IG Ads
Instagram Ads 101 (4:22)
How To Set Up Ad Manager (7:16)
Ad Objectives, Creatives, Placement & Targeting (10:00)
Story vs Newsfeed Ads (6:18)
Tracking ROI (4:11)
Best Practices (2:24)
Problem Solving (4:39)
Module 8 – Advanced Strategies
Forging Your Instagram Empire (10:57)
Mind-Bending Instagram Mother-Slave Method (11:36)
Mother Slave For Ecom & Personal Brands (7:47)
Escaping Shadowban (3:58)
How to Get Verified (4:58)
How to Restore A Banned Instagram Account (4:53)
Unlimited Shoutout Leads (7:13)
IGTV For Personal & Niche Pages (5:54)
Module 9 – Instagram Agency 101
Supreme Mindset (3:31)
Facebook vs Instagram Agencies (5:06)
Your Role As An Instagram Agency (4:50)
Setting Up Your Business (4:02)
Do You Need A Website? (4:51)
What Services To Offer & What To Charge (15:05)
Contracts And Taking Payments (8:45)
Your Responsibilities vs Clients (2:55)
Agreement Contract Template
Module 10 – Landing Clients Effortlessly
Lucrative Niches (5:16)
Lead Generation Methods (11:59)
Proper Prospecting And Gathering A Lead Database (15:02)
Securing Clients When You Have No Results (7:53)
Landing Clients While Working Full TIme (3:38)
Reeling In Clients With Powerful Audits (9:16)
Local Business Domination (7:36)
Cold Emailing Like A Boss (8:01)
Cold Calling Masterclass (17:13)
Picking Up Clients in the DM’s (3:27)
Bulletproof Pitch & Handling Objections P1 (18:22)
Bulletproof Pitch & Handling Objections P2 (9:19)
After Closing A Client (5:13)
Take Action With Idiot-Proof Implementation Plan (1:55)
Lead Database, Instagram Audit Template & Fact Finding Sheet
Cold Emailing & Cold Calling Script
30 Day Guaranteed Client Implementation Plan
Module 11 – Delivering INSANE Results For Clients
Reverse Engineering Results (7:01)
Local Business Strategy Blueprint (6:33)
E-Commerce Strategy Blueprint (3:46)
Personal Brand Strategy Blueprint (3:39)
High Value Client Reports (3:51)
Module 12 – Scaling to 6 Figures in 3 Months
6 Figure Breakdown (4:18)
Optimize Your Sales Funnel (5:57)
Becoming A Client Magnet & Charging More (14:23)
Eliminating Yourself (12:26)
Six-Figure Case Study (6:00)

And Bonus– Influencer Masterclass

What Is An Instagram Influencer? (2:15)
How To Become An Influencer (4:20)
Locating, approaching & Securing Paid Sponsors (5:38)
Getting Paid To Travel (4:06)
BONUS – Personal Branding
Personal Brand Overview & Benefits (5:43)
Game Plan (2:23)
Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube & Quora Strategy (7:49)
Email & Chatbot (5:45)
Interview With A Personal Branding Beast (27:37)
Immerse Yourself
Where To Be Active Online (2:01)
Funnels & Relevant Books (2:48)
Affiliate Program Opportunity (1:20)

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