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Bret Thomson – Write Like A Pro

Welcome to ” Bret Thomson – Write Like A Pro ”

How to Write Good Marketing Copy with Bret Thomson

Andrew:  On today’s podcast, we’re talking about copywritingwith a very special guest.Hey everybody. This is Andrew McCauley. Welcome to podcast #112. We have yet another very, very special guest and for those that listen to our podcasts you know that we don’t have many guests; we only have good guests. We are looking forward to digging in with our special guest today. Of course, Heather Porter is on the call as well. Hey, H

Heather:  Hi Andrew. How are you. Hey guys, thank you so much for tuning in. As Andrew just said, we rarely do bringguests. We like to force you guys to listen to us bantering instead

Andrew:   Yes. But when we do find good guests. We love to bring them on because we know that, unlike a lot of these other podcast shows where they just interview guest after guest after guest –it gets a little monotonous –we love to spice our podcast up with some special guests and of course the best ones are here on this podcast for you.

Heather:   Cool. Andrew, I am going to go ahead and just jump straight in because there’s lots of cool things that we’re going to be chatting about. I want to introduce you guys to our guest, Bret Thomson. Bret and I have literally just recently connected and I’m really, really surprised, because we share a lot of the same circles which I’m sure will come out as we chat. I would introduce you guys to Bret. Bret is one of Australia’s highest paid in-demand copywriters and conversion strategists, which we love. He’s also a speaker like us, he’s a coach, he’s an author and he’s mentored thousands of businesses. And I like, Bret, how you say that you’re the secret weapon behind some of the largest and most profitable direct response marketing campaigns in Australia. Guys, you know what, he’s actually generated well over 220 million dollars of new salesacross dozens of different Industries.Bret, I’m going to welcome you to the call. Before I do that you’re going to have to jump in and tell us a little story about how you failed English at school and didn’t read your first book until your mid-twenties. How are you?

Bret:  What an awesome intro. I can’t wait to hear what I got to say. That was great guys. It’s a pleasure to be with you guys and I feel very special and privileged to be one of your guests. About the story, I guess to give everyone a lot of hype. Because it’s to really know one of the highest paid copywriters in the country, ten years ago I

Write Like A Pro will teach you how to finally establish a consistent writing practice, reach a wide audience, and monetize your work in different ways.

Here’s What You’ll Get From Bret Thomson – Write Like A Pro:

  • 12 x LIVE Copywriting Webinars
  • Conversational Copy training
  • Speed Copywriting Formulas
  • Psychic Mind-Reading Research
  • Nailing Your Million Dollar BIG IDEA
  • Crushing HEADLINE shortcuts
  • How to INJECT Undeniable Proof
  • Storytelling Mastery
  • Emotional Triggers
  • Irresistible OFFERS
  • Email Mastery
  • Advanced Lessons

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