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Only 17$ Dan Lok – Unlock the Millionaire Within

Unlock the Millionaire Within

Dan Lok – Unlock the Millionaire Within

Get Your Hands On The Raw & Uncensored, Secret Recordings Of My “Unlock The Millionaire Within” Event Before The Edited Version Is Released!

In this course, we will learn the best and safest, investment strategies. This course will show us how to minimize our risk and protect our money during this recession. The rich get richer because they know how to invest and multiply their money that the middle-class don’t.

Who is Dan Lock?

Famous for his back seat chats in his Bentley and his eagle eyed approach to business he’s launched many courses including F U Money and High Ticket Closer.


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Now this review isn’t about the book itself, but is about the upsell that you’ll be hit with once you purchase his ‘free book.’

It’s a brash offer, in your face and designed to encourage you to purchase secret, raw and uncensored recordings of his ‘Unlock the Millionaire Within event’ for 90% off.

Well that’s nice of him, to give it to us for $297 instead of $2995. 

This course is a digital download, billed once at $297 and this is wedged in the button in small print that most people need a magnifying glass to read.

So if you actually want to purchase this upsell, what do you actually get?

Well in simple terms it’s 9 modules of pure content. I’m a big fan of the way Dan Lok speaks, however he’s a serial course and product launcher.

He makes money, helping other people to make money. Heard the saying, those that can’t do, teach? And those that can’t teach, teach teachers. Yeah, same scenario here.

What You Get From Unlock the Millionaire Within:

Module #1:

The Foundation Millionaire Mindset

You may be a fan of mindset-work.
You may not be.
But when a millionaire loses their money, have you ever noticed they can often get it all back – fast? Why?
It’s because they have a millionaire mindset.
Once someone has a millionaire mindset, they can benefit financially for life.
Module #2:

Transform Your Relationship With Money

Believe it or not, wealth first comes from within.
Then when you make the small shifts within, that’s when you finally unlock your true financial potential.
Module #3:

The 9 Laws of Money

You’ve probably heard making money is all about – what?
It’s about giving value.
Yes it’s true – but that advice isn’t always helpful. Now what is helpful is knowing EXACTLY what the laws of money are.
These are the laws that every wealthy person obeys – either consciously or unconsciously.
When you know these laws consciously, you’ll experience abundance faster and easier than you ever thought possible.
Module #4:

Plant and Grow Rich

You and I live in a distracted world.
There is so much conflicting advice on different ways to start a business, get clients, and get marketshare.
However, not all advice is good advice. In this module, you’ll discover the “80/20” of advice you need to take action on to get real results – FAST.
Module #5:

Develop Your High-Income Skills

One of the fastest ways to increase your income is to increase your skill.
In this module, you’ll discover how to develop what I call: “High-Income Skills”. In other words very specific skills where people are earning $10K a month within 6-12 months.
Module #6:

7 Types Of Income Streams Millionaire Have

Did you know 65% of millionaires have at least three streams of income or more?
In this module, you’ll discover the 7 types of income most millionaires (and even non-millionaires) consider “low-hanging fruit”.
Module #7:

Manage Money Like The Rich

Believe it or not, rich people have the best money managing strategies in the world.
The thing is most people you talk to think you need a lot of money to do these strategies – WRONG!
In this module, you’ll discover how to grow and invest your money exactly like the richest families in the world do.
Module #8:

Leverage A Scalable Business

If you look around, a lot business owners don’t own their businesses…
Their business owns them! In fact, 91% of small business owners work 7 days a week and make less than $250k a year.
So how do you get into the 9% who actually make some decent money?
You’ll discover the business models the fastest and easiest to start.
Module #9:

Invest In High-Return Investments

In this module, we’re not talking about stocks, mutual funds, index funds or cryptocurrency.
We’re talking about what high-return investments actually look like and how to pick the best one to match your goals.
Module #10:

Levels Of Investors

Not all investments are right for all investors. In this module, you’ll discover what secret asset classes and uncommon options you have when you’re at different levels of investing.

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