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Only 29$ Cat Howell – The Academy Program

The Academy Program

Cat Howell – The Academy Program

Welcome to ” The Academy Program  ”

Get high quality leads for your agency!
Invest in your own lead “tap” today!

-> Revenues yo-yo from month to month, making it impossible to hire and scale…

-> Doing a million things in your business, which means you have ZERO time for your own prospecting and funnel efforts…

-> Relying on referrals and word of mouth is inconsistent and creating unneeded financial pressure…

-> Unable to generate the right type of clientele for your business…

If you had high quality leads consistently coming your way, do you think this would be a good thing for your business? Could you convert them? If the answer is yes then perhaps you’ve also heard of agencies using traffic sources like Facebook and LinkedIn to generate leads…some even building large audiences through the process.


Because you can use online funnels to help you do the bulk of the selling, which creates a way to automate prospecting – saving time and giving that agency more of it’s all important lifeblood – clients.

This is what we have come to master at Eight Loop.

Over the past three years Founder Cat Howell has worked with over 700 agencies from across the world showing them how to build these automated funnels – “taps” for those that are ready for them.

What we do works especially well for the agency with the right DNA. To find out if we can help you grow book in a free strategy call today!
By the end of The Academy you will have…

  • A massive sense of achievement having completed the program
  • The ability to turn failures into milestones & to use these as stepping stones to success
  • A determined & committed attitude capable of BIG things – the WINNERS mindset
  • The capabilities for running a fully functional business or agency – and for it to thrive
  • More time & financial freedom so you can live life on your terms
  • The ability to implement & manage key agency processes like sales calls, hiring, contracts & client on boarding
  • Funnel basics & the key principles to a well run machine
  • A solid insight & knowledge for how to properly structure your business or agency so it runs effortlessly
  • The strategies for generating leads and landing the clients you want!
  • The tools & mindset to continue on inside The mastermind & the amazing journey that awaits you…

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