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Only 15$ Jesse Elder – The 12 Rituals

The 12 Rituals

Jesse Elder – The 12 Rituals

Welcome to ” The 12 Rituals ”

Who is Jesse Elder?

Jesse Elder is a martial arts fanatic, business advisor, personal development coach, and a student of life. Jesse built and sold a successful line of martial arts training schools, and he now works with some of the most successful people in the world at developing and stretching their capacity for abundance.

Jesse Elder works with millionaires and multi-millionaires to help them get to the next level. Listen closely as Jesse explains why making something NORMAL is the key to achieving it

Your mindset has everything to do with the results that you’re getting in your life. Not getting the results you want? Change your thoughts. The rest will come.

Jesse recently discovered how much of an impact his message can make when he started his Mind Vitamin video series.

360 Mentor Academy ( The 12 Rituals )

Systems and business model for building a $30k+ per month coaching/consulting practice. “Lighthouse” style client attraction and my exact framework for connecting with high-value coaching clients through the “four gate instant close.”

Here’s What You’ll Learn From The 12 Rituals


RITUAL #1: The Purpose Experience

  • Discover the Four Pillars of Purpose, and how to identify them in your own life (the spiritual “rumble strip” that will keep you on track to experience ultimate Joy and Fulfillment!)
  • Learn how to tap into your own Personal Supply of Spiritual Energy (say goodbye to fatigue and drowsiness!)
  • Become an Architect of Coincidence (once you start living with Purpose, seemingly chance encounters and events will start dropping opportunities in your lap right and left!)
  • Attract the PERFECT People and Experiences into your Life to support your Purpose, and REPEL the people who are holding you back (you’ll never want for attention or friendship again!)
  • Quickly Discover the Absolute MOST Fulfilling activities for YOU (hint: they’re the same activities that make people LOVE having you around)

RITUAL #2: The Purpose Expressor

  • Learn the Simple, 5 Minute Exercise for Discovering your own unique way to Experience and Express Your Purpose (by training your mind to access “Cosmic Google” aka GOD Consciousness)
  • Discover the Best Place to put your Physical and Spiritual Energy (these are the high leverage activities that propel you forward and support your Purpose)
  • Identify the Activities that are guaranteed to Amplify Your Enjoyment of Life (so you can feel Satisfied, Energized, Excited, and Appreciated ALL the time)

RITUAL #3: Fear Alchemy

  • Learn the 2 Types of Fear, and how to tell the difference (so you can catch yourself before you blow a big business deal or pass up a life changing opportunity)
  • How to recognize Divine, Cosmic Experiences and use them as Guideposts (once you know how to use your “Spiritual Compass” nothing can slow you down!)
  • How to turn FEAR into FUEL (imagine feeling Excited and Motivated instead of Crippled with Anxiety!)
  • Discover the Two Factors that Prevent You from having a Constant Experience of Frictionless Flow (master these two factors, and taking action becomes EFFORTLESS)
  • Discover the “Default” Cultural Mindset that DICTATES most people’s experience (and how you can completely break FREE of it)
  • Why the Philosophies and Mindsets of Ancient Scientists still ring true for Modern Day Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

RITUAL #4: Identity Expansion

  • Safely and Strategically Face Your Fears (once you get in the habit of doing this in one particular area of your life, you become more Courageous and Powerful in EVERY area)
  • COMPLETELY discharge your negative feelings about past experiences (whether you realize it or not, your “baggage” is weighing you down, and once you let go of it, you’ll feel more Vital and Energized than you ever thought possible)
  • Resolve any past issues you have with ANYONE, whether they’re alive or NOT (doing this not only feels incredibly healing and energizing, it also makes you better equipped to avoid future conflicts)
  • Discover the REAL reason why most people are afraid to GIVE (and learn how to bypass it so you can experience the incredible pleasure of generosity instead)


RITUAL #5: The Right Path Process

  • Discover the Spiritual Entrepreneur’s method for choosing a career (if you work for someone else, this will help you get crystal clear on whether you’re working the best job for your soul)
  • Identify Your Greatest Strengths, and how to leverage them to experience more Joy and Fulfillment (this will help to ensure that you never have to wake up DREADING your day ever again)
  • Learn how to combine Your Passions, Your Talents, and the Value you give to the world (once you find this “sweet spot” you’ll be on the fast track to expressing your purpose 24/7)
  • Learn the APC Formula, and why it’s absolutely ESSENTIAL to experiencing a fulfilling life (lacking in APC is the #1 handicap most people suffer from, and is directly responsible for their mediocre experiences)

RITUAL #6: The Right Path Developer

  • Take what you learned in Ritual #5 and use it to make more money, add more value to the world, and have an unreasonably fun and exciting time doing it (if you want to run a super successful business, this one’s important)
  • Identify the most easily executed, highest leverage shifts you can make to improve your quality of life (make life better with your lover, at your job, or anywhere else)
  • Find the circumstances you need to ELIMINATE from your life if you want to really Honor your Soul and your Purpose for being here (once you get these things out of your experience, you won’t BELIEVE how much less stressed you feel!)

RITUAL #7: The #GiveGrowGain Analysis

  • Discover the #GiveGrowGain System (Jesse’s revolutionary formula for never ending growth, never ending fulfillment, and neverending energy)
  • Identify the Imbalances between the three in your life (when these are out-of-whack, you’re ALWAYS going to feel stressed, or worn down)
  • Learn the single most powerful phrase you can say to INSTANTLY restore balance to your life (if you’re not used to saying this, you won’t even believe the kind of results you’re going to get!)

RITUAL #8: The #GiveGrowGain Schedule

  • Put #GiveGrowGain into action in your life (implementing this formula will GUARANTEE that you have more REWARDING experiences, that you CONTRIBUTE to the world more, and that you continually upgrade and expand your body, mind, and soul)
  • The simplest, most SELFISH time-management system (and everyone you know will absolutely LOVE the fact that you use it, and wonder why you’re so freakin’ HAPPY all the time!)
  • Learn the “Lazy” person’s way to make sure your life NEVER falls out of balance (so that you can be sure you never get caught feeling overwhelmed or underappreciated)


RITUAL #9: The Focus Wheel

  • Learn the 10-Minute-A-Day method for transforming your thought patterns (I’ve seen people use this technique to become more Creative, more Enlightened, and even pull themselves out of Depression)
  • Become MASTER over your emotions (once you know how to do this, you’ll never get stuck in a mental “sand trap” of negative thoughts again)
  • Develop Innovative Business Plans (tap into your Intuition and your mind’s natural Creative tendency and find yourself “striking gold” faster than ever)
  • Engineer Your Own Emotional Breakthroughs (this ritual actually FORCES you to expand your consciousness and arrive at revelations that could have taken you months, in just a few MINUTES)

RITUAL #10: The Vision Web

  • Develop the Clearest Vision of Your Ideal Life Possible (the clearer you can imagine it, the more rooted in reality it becomes, and the more momentum you have toward experiencing your deepest desires in the physical world)
  • Learn one of the Most POWERFUL Tools for Manifestation in Existence (this is the next step in the evolution of Napoleon Hill’s most fundamental teachings)
  • Discover How To Use Your Focus to Get Perfect Clarity About Where You’re Heading In Life (this gives you an incredible blend of Inner Peace and Fiery Determination)

      RITUAL #11:       The Active Appreciation Video

  • Learn Jesse’s “Silver Bullet” Marketing Technique (this is the single most POWERFUL tool in Jesse’s arsenal, and can be linked to MILLIONS of dollars of revenue for him and his students)
  • Learn The Counterintuitive Networking Method that Makes Most Marketers Want to Pull Their Hair Out (this technique flies in the face of everything you ever learned about sales and marketing, yet it works every time)
  • Discover the Single Most Important Factor in Having a Successful Career, No Matter Where You Work (this is what gets you raises, and guarantees your business will be successful)

RITUAL #12: The Gamma 4 Phase Meditation

  • Learn Jesse’s Ground-Breaking New Method for Focusing Your Desires into Existence (and feeling as calm as a nap on the beach while you do it)
  • Learn the “Jedi” Technique for Consciously Choosing To Live In A State of Peaceful Power (do this regularly, and nothing can shake your Confidence, and you’ll cease to be Surprised or Upset by anything!)
  • Harness the Timeless Wisdom of The Universe and Receive Direct Messages from The Source (once you know how to do this, it’s like you have God on speed dial anytime you need a question answered)
  • Learn How to Magnify Your Joy and Appreciation for The Good Things In Your Life (by doing this, you also make yourself into an energetic magnet for more of the same)

Discover Exactly How To Align Yourself With Your Purpose… And Why Doing This Is Hands-Down The Most Profitable Thing You Can Do For Your Health, Your Relationships, and Your Business.

You’ll receive:

  • 6 One Hour+ Recorded Training Sessions, including MP3’s and transcripts
  • 1 One Hour+ Recorded Bonus Recap Session, including the MP3 and transcript
  • Digital 12 Rituals workbook to print out and follow along with.
  • Lifetime membership in the private 12 Rituals Online Community.

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