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Only 19$ SMS Squeeze Strategy – Amanda Dobson

SMS Squeeze Strategy

SMS Squeeze Strategy – Amanda Dobson

Welcome to”SMS Squeeze Strategy – Amanda Dobson”

Quickly and Easily Automate SMS Text Messaging Campaigns To Double, Triple or Even Quadruple Your Promo Revenue – In 7 Days
 or Less – Without Increasing Your Ad Budget by a Single Dollar
Master Marketer Amanda Dobson reveals the SMS Squeeze Strategy 
that has made her clients millions of dollars, allowing them to practically eliminate their competition while creating a 
more stable and profitable business model!

Dear Friend,

I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times “businesses make money when they send emails”…

Now, imagine, instead of dismal 15%, 10% or even 5% open rates

to your emails you could get almost every person to open every message you ever send, ever!

Imagine averaging 35% or more on the click through rates to your offer…

Consider how much more ROI you can get from your media spend, webinar registrants and lead magnets knowing that 33% of all sales come from this almost “guaranteed delivery” follow-up.

Think about the edge that you will have over your competitors when you can generate 2x or 3x more revenue out of every lead than they do.


SMS Marketing Changed EVERYTHING!
But I quickly realized…

SMS marketing is a fine art…

It could easily be over-used or incorrectly implemented (ouch!)

Learning all of the ins, outs and best practices took me MONTHS…

At the time, there were no courses or products that could teach me what I needed to know to run a profitable and compliant SMS program that added value to my subscribers and to my business…

Little did I know, that not following the rules had serious consequences…

…which resulted in me even getting kicked off of the sms platform I was using.

So I set out on a mission.

Getting SMS implemented and optimizing the process was one thing, but there was more I had to do…

I was now focused on creating the BEST mobile experience possible…afterall I was sending offers on a mobile device through this new channel…

Statistically, only about 35% of websites are optimized for mobile, with roughly 50% of online purchases being made on mobile devices…

There was a BIG gap to fill…

Mobile optimization became an absolute necessity.

My offers started to perform SO well on mobile, that I turned off desktop traffic COMPLETELY.

That’s when I knew I had something BIG.


So, Do Want My System?

I’m sure that by now you want my system, you must hate money and freedom if you don’t…

But I’m also sure you have doubts…

“I’m not technical”,

“people won’t like me texting them”,

“this has been done before”

I hear you and I had the same concerns. It held me back from trying it as well…

But I was wrong, and you are too.

Text message marketing is the highest earning communication channel in my tool box…

And all because I dialed in the strategy, working non-stop on perfecting the system for MONTHS.

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