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Only 9$ Jim Cockrum – Proven Amazon Course

Proven Amazon Course

Proven Amazon Course – Jim Cockrum

Welcome to ” Proven Amazon Course ”

What Is It?

A membership website full of PDFs, video tutorials, webinar recordings, and other curated resources all about creating a business using Amazon FBA. There is also an active forum and Facebook group where you can ask questions related to your business.

Proven Amazon course is one of the OG Amazon FBA courses out there today, it came out in 2009 and they have over 13K in their private Facebook group. They have continued to update their course, it’s been created by Jim Cockrum who’s got decades worth of experience selling physical products online from eBay, Craigslist, to Amazon.

I’ve actually made money on Amazon FBA already so I know what I’m looking at when I go through these courses.

The latest version of Proven Amazon Course (PAC) of 2019 has two new courses included with it (previously sold seperately) called Proven Performance Inventory and Proven Q4 Plan, I’m going to review these both as well as the main course.

I’m here to help you make an informed decision on which Amazon FBA course to go with?

Also I offer an alternative online business model, which is lead generation for small businesses. I like this business because I don’t have to worry about physical products, which makes it easier to duplicate and scale. I’ve used the lead gen model to build myself a completely passive $50K per month business, to find out more, go to this page to view the coaching program that I went through to learn it.

3 reasons you should learn Proven Amazon Course :

  1. Even though PAC is an incredible bargain at $499, it does NOT provide something those more expensive courses provide: focused one-on-one coaching or group coaching. But that’s not a bad thing. Coaching is VERY expensive to provide. No one should expect coaching in a $499 course.
  2. (Related to #1). The Proven Amazon Course price is (my observation) ‘subsidized’ because they have a coaching team that MAY (at some point) soft-sell you their coaching services. That is coaching (that I’ve heard) runs $3500 and up. (That’s not a slight, their coaching offers are legitimate and NOT pushy, not under-handed, in any way. There are many success stories from their coaching clients). In other words: If any coaching was included in Course, well you probably would be paying the same as the other courses and training I endorse – those are $2,000 and up. One-on-one coaching is not critical for many Amazon sellers (although some folks feel they need it, that’s cool too.). I’ve been a member of Proven Amazon Course for years and I’ve never purchased coaching from them.
  3. Proven Amazon Course has solid courses and training for an Amazon seller of any stripe (yes, Internationally-based sellers too), but don’t expect consistent updates to content, nor super-advanced tactics nor full-blown growth strategies that come in some of the other courses I’ve promoted – also from trusted partners – that are priced much higher.

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