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Only 29$ Desmond Ong – Project 10K

Project 10K

Desmond Ong – Project 10K

What Is Project 10K?

Project 10K, co-founded by Desmond Ong and the ChromaBit team, is aimed at helping average people who have been struggling to get the grasp of internet marketing, to get started with the right system online.

Project 10K is consisted of 4 weeks (twice weekly) of online live classes where Desmond and his team of experts will show you how you can start a proven digital product empire that will generate you online sales with the goal of hitting that $10,000 mark in less than two weeks.

Live Class Shedule & Syllabus(Desmond Ong – Project 10K)

First Week – The Seeding Week

  • On the first week, our goal is to show you some examples of successful digital products that have generated $10,000 in sales so you can see what it takes to create one yourself.
  • We’ll then map out the strategies custom-made for you so you know what are the actions you’ll need to take in order to get to $10,000 per month.
  • We will then design a blueprint that will help us create a simple product that people will love… and best of all, without spending a single penny to get started.

Second Week – The Impementation Week

  • If you’ve done your homework from week 1, you should have your website and products up. So this week is all about implementations.
  • We will hook up everything together so every single element (products, marketing, sites) work cohesively to create passive income for you and your online business.
  • We will then create a simple system (that takes just 5 minutes) that will easily add $5,000 extra into your bottom line.

Third Week – The Recruitment Week

  • On this week, we will start crafting your sales elements of your digital product empire. We will figure out the marketing angles and hooks.
  • Next, we will set up our Traffic Spark to start getting hundreds if not thousands of visitors for free for the next week.

Fourth Week – The Launch Week

  • This is where I finally put my money where my mouth is. You’ll start launching your campaign and website.
  • We will show you how to launch your digital products and get insane amount of traffic to your offer.
  • Then we will show you what are the steps to take in order to ensure a guaranteed success for your offer.

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