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Only 25$ David Hood – Operation SEO Agency Empire

David Hood – Operation SEO Agency Empire

The Big Opportunity…

My goal for you is to be able to build a ​streamlined, scalable, and sellable​ business ​that becomes more enjoyable to run over time…

​And you can work when and how you choose:

  • No horrible bosses (I “train” clients to be good boys/girls & fire the really bad ones who don’t behave)
  • No boring way-too-long meetings
  • No having to ask for permission to take time off
  • Take your family on nice vacations
  • Your daily work
  • No more stupid commuting during rush hour (unless you’re into that sorta thing)
  • To be able to pass off most tasks you don’t want to do to others

And within about 2-5 years this business can be sold for $1 Million to $10 Million​…

And then you can go do whatever you want with your life……

or rinse and repeat!

How does that sound to you?

This is totally doable…even if you’re a complete beginner…

Mical sold one of his agencies for $2 Million…You can build a great & profitable business with an incredibly high probability of success…

Mical and I (David Hood writing here) have spent a combined 25 years studying & testing the digital marketing agency models, strategies, and techniques…

And we’ve both come to the same conclusions on what REALLY enables a highly profitable agency…

…that doesn’t work you ragged

…but that gets easier, more streamlined, and more profitable over time!

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in?

​What ends up happening to most people in this industry who set out to get clients in order to quit their day job or supplement their current income is they setup their business in ways that…

  • Increases the amount of work to build a highly profitable business by 100x+
  • Decreases the chances of becoming highly profitable
  • Causes them to work 60-80 hours a week
  • Makes their business worthless to another business — yes, literally $0.

In David Hood – Operation SEO Agency Empire course, we will learn ​​how to build, scale, and sell an SEO agency for $1 million to $10 million in 2-5 years. The goal is to be able to build a ​streamlined, scalable, and sellable​ business ​that becomes more enjoyable to run over time.

  • 1 – OSAE Overview and Critical Strategies.
  • 2 – Outbound Sales Overview and Strategies.
  • 3 – Building your Call Center.
  • 4 – Closing Outbound Deals.
  • 5 – Attracting SEO Clients by Ranking Agency Website.
  • 6 – Closing Inbound Deals.
  • 7 – Fullproof SEO Service Systems & Process Documentation.
  • 8 – SEO Techniques to Dominate your Clients’ Competitors.
  • 9 – Maps SEO Domination.
  • 10 – Bonus – Fast Client Getting Methods.
  • 11 – Bonus – How to Sell an SEO Agency for 7 Figures

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