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Only 26$ Dr. Joseph Riggio – Million Dollar High Ticket Groups and Programs 2.0

Million Dollar High Ticket Groups and Programs 2.0

Million Dollar High Ticket Groups and Programs 2.0 – Dr. Joseph Riggio

Welcome to ” Million Dollar High Ticket Groups and Programs 2.0 ”

Who is Dr. Joseph Riggio ?

Dr. Joseph Riggio is a cognitive scientist and a Society of NLP Master Trainer, Master Consulting Hypnotist, IBLEC Fellow, and the Architect and Designer of the MythoSelf Process and SomaSemantics models of transformational change.

Get Access To The Full Million Dollar High Ticket Groups and Programs 2.0 (v2.0) OnLine Live Training – 8 Weekly Modules – Beginning 4 October 2

5 Program Modules

  • Establish & Install Your Own High-Ticket Mindset, Attitude & Presumption
  •  Decide On A Specific High-Ticket Audience
  •  Establish A Defined, Achievable Outcome For Your High Ticket Audience
  • Design A Predictable Program To Deliver Your High-Ticket Promise
  • Create An Irresistible “Perfect” Offer To Sell The High-Ticket Program To Your Audience

Bonus Modules

  • Bonus Module One: Your First Small Program Together That Generates $2000 In 30 Days
  • Bonus Module Two: Build Your High-Ticket Outreach Campaign
  • Bonus Module Three: Enroll People And Deliver Your High-Ticket Program

The Bonus Bundle Material:

  • TCP | The Complete Package Digital Training Package ($347)
  • Secrets of Wealth Attraction Success 2-Hr. HD Video ($99)
  • Kick-Ass Consulting Strategies ($97)
  • Full Kick-Ass Consulting Strategies Program ($997)
  • INFLUENCE! Full Program Recordings ($1997)


  • 2 Months UA Sapphire MasterMind ($1800)
  • Free Ticket To The “2018 Kick-Ass Consulting Bootcamp”($4500)
  • Private Social Network
  • Private Discussion Group

Additional documentation :

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