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Million Dollar Creation

Peng Joon – Million Dollar Creation

Welcome to ” Million Dollar Creation ”

World’s Leading Authority In Wealth Creation Online

During his university days, Peng Joon spent the vast majority of his days playing the online game World of Warcraft rather than attending class. As a result of his gaming addiction, he barely made it through his finals.

After nearly flunking out, Peng Joon found himself in $42,200 worth of college debt. Unemployed and broke, he finally landed a “stable” job with a measly monthly salary of $330 in Malaysia. Desperate to find a way out of his financial predicament, Peng Joon turned to the Internet and discovered a way to make money online from the comfort of his home.

Market a product based on something you love.

At the time, the only thing Peng Joon was passionate about was World of Warcraft. So using his knowledge he wrote a 32-page guide on the game. With a $7 price tag, his first digital product was launched.

Seven months down the road, Peng Joon received a PayPal notification of payment received for $7. His guide had provided him with his first online sale. That magic moment marked the turning point in Peng Joon’s life as he realized that making money online was real.

I call this system the Million Dollar Creation.

This is the clarity you need to know exactly what to do, and when to do it.

Here’s the deal I’m going to make you.

I do NOT want you thinking this is just another course.


In fact, it’s more a complete coaching program, mastermind, AND accountability service all-in-one.

Sure, you’re getting the most concise, to-the-point online training portal with everything you need and nothing you don’t… so you can get ONLY the information you actually need to implement the necessary steps to actually get tangible results.
You’re also getting twice-weekly coaching sessions with me, to give you the insane amounts of clarity you need to make progress every single day…and have no questions as to whether what you’re doing is the right thing or not. (You’d have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get my coaching anywhere else, this is included for FREE)
Probably the best part is that you’re also getting the private community.It’s not just a Facebook group, it’s more like a family. You’ll be fully supported and surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who are there for you, 24/7 to celebrate your wins, help you when you’re stuck, and be there for you along your journey.
Ever heard somebody say, “Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future”?It’s like that.The community is your future.Your future is extremely bright.So, in order for you to get your hands on this system, I need you to make me a deal.
You promise to absolutely NOT think of this as another course. You promise to absolutely NOT share with anybody that you got your hands on my system for the price you’re getting it for (those who paid $50k would be SUPER upset)I’m going to give you my ENTIRE system, Million Dollar Creation, for probably 5% of what it’s actually worth.

Unless you want to pay more.

Just don’t forget to “tip the dealer” and take care of me later, k?

You’ll discover my EXACT blueprint… including action plans, “press go” tools, and all the coaching and support you’ll need to finally get progress every single day.

If you tried to figure this all out on your own, it’d take you years and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to get close.

It took me over 12 years, and some say I’m pretty good.

It doesn’t have to take you that long.

With your investment to Million Dollar Creation, here’s what you will be getting:

BONUS #1: My ENTIRE ‘S-B-S’ Social Media System: You’ll get ALL my own trello boards that we personally use in my 8-figure company and my step-by-step social media system… to simply follow the checklists and implement each step to finally get results.
BONUS #2: The ‘Quality NOT Quantity’ Funnel Playbook: I’ll take all the guesswork out of funnel building for you… which funnels you need, which you don’t need, and exactly how they all fit together seamlessly to create ONLY the assets you need!
BONUS #3: Your Traffic Decoder Blueprint: Traffic is NOT a difficult, expensive, or complex thing when following my blueprint. I’ll give you the entire outline, every single action item that you or your team/outsourcers need to get you unlimited warm and hot traffic to your offers!

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