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Only 15$ Ben Adkins – Micro Service Millionaire Masterclass

Micro Service Millionaire Masterclass

Micro Service Millionaire Masterclass – Ben Adkins

Welcome to ” Micro Service Millionaire Masterclass Course ”

Ben Adkins walks you through the Secrets to building a $10k+ per month Digital Agency with simple, automated services that almost every small business already needs.

What You’re about to Learn Inside:

For many people, the more successful their business becomes, the harder it gets to continue to deliver a quality product. This happens because more demand for a product or service doesn’t always equal growing income and profits.

And this is where a business becomes a burden on aspiring entrepreneurs.

In this masterclass, Dr. Ben Adkins walks you through how to fix the “scaling problem” and how to build a wildly successful business by providing digital “micro-services” to brick and mortar business owners all over the worl

What You’re Getting Inside Micro Service Millionaire Masterclass Course :

VIP Access to the 4 week Micro Service Millionaire MasterclassDr Ben’s Live “Mind shift” Kickoff Call (get your head right and get ready to move fast)1- Week 1: How to pick the perfect Niche for your Agency and Personality.2- Week 2: Dr Ben’s 4 most profitable “Micro Services” Explained in Depth.3- Week 3: How to get Clients and Close the Deal.4- Week 4: Setting Up the Technical and Legal Parts of your Business.VIP BONUS #1: How to Scale your Micro Service Agency to 7 Figures a year.VIP BONUS #2: Instant Authority in Your Niche Market.

Episode Summary:

Today we’re going to talk about how to make $10,000 a month, yes really, with something called microservices. So what is a microservice? A microservice is something that is super easy to deliver. Every business out there needs, or almost every business out there needs, and it’s something that you can set up in a couple hours and then software will run it indefinitely. After you check out this video follow this link for a more in-depth look

Episode Transcription:

Today we’re going to talk about how to make $10,000 a month using something called microservices. Let’s dive in. Let’s do it.

Hey, what’s going on? Ben Adkins here with Serial Progress Seeker. If this is your first time watching a video with me and you’d like to learn how to build a business that you can run from anywhere from what you keep in a backpack, then make sure you hit that subscribe button as well as the notification bell.

All right, so today we’re going to talk about how to make $10,000 a month, yes really, with something called microservices. So what is a microservice? A microservice is something that is super easy to deliver. Every business out there needs, or almost every business out there needs, and it’s something that you can set up in a couple hours and then software will run it indefinitely. So microservice. It’s something that is a service you provide. It’s micro on your energy input into it.

So let me tell you a little bit about this. How I started with this microservice concept is when I was a chiropractor, I was doing some things on the internet that were very, very effective in growing my business. Really quickly I had other businesses that were around me that said, hey, can you help us? And so I started helping them and they were paying me to help them with their business.

The problem is is a lot of the things that I was doing were very difficult to deliver, required a lot of brain power and for the money that I was getting paid, I’m not sure that the effort was worth the money. So for a long time I thought this whole model of helping small businesses by doing things on the Internet for them, I thought it was kind of broken.

And so I was doing this stuff kind of half heartedly. I was making sure I was delivering, but when I say half heartedly, I wasn’t taking on more clients. This is things like building websites. This is things like doing facebook ads for businesses. And these things were incredibly hard to scale. And so I got very frustrated because I didn’t see any path to grow those things up.

Well along the way something very, very interesting happened. I had one particular client that referred me to a friend of theirs and so I took the meeting. And the friend of theirs, their business, they needed one simple little thing. They needed someone to provide facebook content for them. And they were going to pay me pretty decently just to put the facebook content in.

And now at first I said, listen, I don’t think I can do this. I’m not going to just keep up with new facebook content and manage your page. And they said no, all we need is a certain number of posts to go up. And when those posts are done hey, you can rotate them. You can start back at the beginning. We just need new content all the time.

And so I thought that was interesting. So I got into a mode of actually providing this service. It was a chiropractic office that was away from mine. I started putting in their facebook posts and I figured out how to put together all the posts. So I put together about three months worth of posts. And then I started rotating those posts after those ran out, all done with software. And this took me about a day to set up at the time. And after that, the software rain it forever.

Now, once this happened, I started to say this is way better than all the other stuff that I’m doing. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could do this for more people?

And so what I started doing is I started following up with people that had contacted me. I started contacting new chiropractors around the world, mostly in the United States. And what I did was I said hey, I’ve got this service where we provide this. What are people charging you now to run your facebook page? And people were saying between $500 and $1000.

And I said what if I did it for $200 a month and this is what you got? And I showed them what they could have. I started getting clients that way.

So it clicked really quickly. I started to figure out, you know what? This is a model that is a lot cooler than what I’m currently doing. So I went from a business model where I had five to 10 clients that were kind of driving me crazy to be honest with you, to a bunch of clients that just wanted this little micro service. I wasn’t checking their facebook page. All I was doing was making sure that their content was in and everyday two posts went up and I made sure that the software kept it running because software did 90% of the work after I got it set up.

So that’s how I got into this thing. And so I started calling this social content and scheduling. And so you’ve got to think about it like this. When I first started it, I had five clients, I had 10 clients, we started growing from there. And what happened was at $200 a month, and sometimes by the way, in the beginning I charged $100, but I quickly raised my prices to $200 because I saw that everybody was willing to pay that because of what they were paying and the results that they could get from it. What I started doing was $200 a month.

So you’ve got to think about this. For $200 a month to $300 a month. You’re going to be beating people out for a service where content comes up on facebook page or an Instagram, something like that. It’s super simple. If you’ve got a core thing of content, like a bucket of content, you brand it for that business, your brand it for the next business by putting their logo on it. And then you just rotate it using a piece of software. They will pay you between $200 to $300 a month. Easy because it’s a savings and it get something done that they need done.

So think about this. Let’s do the math. The math on this is pretty simple. You get 51 clients at $199.95 around the $200 mark. You are sitting right at the $10,000 a month. That’s the key for most people. When you start hitting that, you’re like, that’s awesome. Plus once you set these folks up, because they’re paying so little for it, it’s not like this is a big expense. They get what they need on their facebook page. They look good when people search them out there and now you start stacking clients. You don’t lose them real quickly because this is a great service. But you can stack providing the same thing you did for client one to a lot of other clients.

And so you can start getting on the phone to people all over the world, all over your state, all over your country, whatever it is. You can start stacking these types of clients and you can get to 51 pretty easily. That was my first goal by the way, is to get that $10,000 a month mark.

Now let’s go another way. Let’s say you only wanted to have 30 something clients. Could you still get there? Yeah. Take your pricing up to $300 a month, which is very easy still. And 34 clients is what it takes to get to $10,000 a month.

Okay, so that’s the math behind it. Where do you go from here? So for me, what I did early on with this model is I just started getting on the phone, going out to places and getting ahold of people that I thought this would be a good fit for.

Now I have a whole set of techniques that I use to get clients and I have actually three more services that I provide besides the one that I just gave you that I also reached out to those people. Now, the key behind this as all of the ways that I get clients are fairly easy. I can do them locally or I can also do these things online.

With the services, it’s the same as the service that I just taught you. These three other services that my agency provides are really simple in that you set them up, it takes a few hours and then software runs them the rest of the time.

Now I don’t have enough time to cover all of that stuff in the video, but what I would love to do is invite you inside of a free audio book that I put together called Microservice Millionaire. Below this video somewhere I should have a link to that for you. Put in your email address and I will send it to your email and you can listen in the car, at the gym, when you’re trying to sleep when you’re trying to do anything else. We did it this way so that you guys could consume this stuff without having to look at a computer screen.

So hopefully you dig that. I go deep into my agency how we built it, how all these microservices come together and how you can do it and get clients if this is something that you want to do.

Alright, so I hope that gives you a good perspective of how to build $10,000 a month doing much simpler things than what most people think you have to do to do it.

All right, so if you enjoyed this kind of stuff, do me a favor, click the subscribe button, click the bell notification. That’s going to alert you every time we’ve got good stuff coming your way.

All right, so I hope you enjoyed it. I hope that you were taking notes and I hope to hear some of your results when you put this inaction. All right, I’ll see you next time.

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