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Only 25$ Andrew Lock – Membership Site Success System

Membership Site Success System

Membership Site Success System – Andrew Lock

Welcome to ” Membership Site Success System ”


Imagine if you attract just ONE new customer a day, paying you $30 a month. After just 3 months, your recurring (aka residual) income will be:

Month 1 Income: $900.00
Month 2 Income: $1,800.00
Month 3 Income: $2,700.00

In just 12 months, you’ll be getting around $10,800.00 in cash – deposited directly into your bank account EVERY MONTH!

In 2 years it gets incredibly exciting because as the number of members continues to grow, that will give you around $21,600.00 a month, every month!

That’s the power of residual income, a.k.a. recurring, or passive income – they’re just different words to describe the effortless process of receiving ongoing payments for new product or service offers your “members” ask for.


Interestingly, when most people think about making money online, they imagine its hard work and difficult. And there’s always a ‘must have’ tool or course that promises to be a “one-click” wonder. You’ve probably been burned enough times to know that isn’t true!

The truth is, there is some work involved up front, but it’s a system, it’s enjoyable, and you’ll feel great about what you’re accomplishing.

System..It’s 100% video based training, which you take at your own pace.

There are 12 modules, each with 3 or 4 sections, and you’ll learn everything from choosing a niche, through to advanced member retention strategies.

It’s risk-free, and 100% guaranteed.

This could very well be a life changing opportunity for you. Let me repeat what we’re offering, because it’s vital for you to grasp this…


There are 12 modules in the system:

  • Module 1: What are membership sites?
  • Module 2: Researching your Ideal Member Avatar, Choosing a Platform
  • Module 3: Platform Selection and Site Design
  • Module 4: Content Creation Part 1
  • Module 5: Content Creation Part 2
  • Module 6: Keyword research and forums
  • Module 7: Blog Setup
  • Module 8: Lead magnets and autoresponders
  • Module 9: Traffic from social media
  • Module 10: Guest blog posts, article marketing, and other traffic
  • Module 11: Video Traffic
  • Module 12: Member Retention Secrets

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