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Linked Inception

Linked Inception – Greig Wells

Welcome to ” Greig Wells – Linked Inception ”

Who is Greig Wells?

Greig Wells is an author and expert on personal branding, specializing in using

Greig has been featured on NBC TV, CBS Radio, the Wall Street Journal Marketplace, and Fast Company magazine. He has been an international speaker and trainer, teaching LinkedIn strategies that get you to the top of search results on LinkedIn, which results in you being found and hired fast.

As part of giving back, Greig has trained over 55,000 job seekers on using LinkedIn through his free webinar training, “LinkedIn Insider Secrets to Getting Hired Fast,” which you can register for at

For more info on helping your business generate leads and get new clients using automated software on LinkedIn, visit

What do you get from Linked Inception Course?

  • Amazing Training – You’ll get instant access to the videos and membership site it takes you only 30 minutes to get started!
  • Guaranted Media placement on NBC, ABC, CBS, & Fox that positions you as a top recommended expert… we’ll even add the media logos to your profile pic!
  • Authorized Authority Reseller certification… this gives you exclusive right to resell the Authority Package earning you $700+ every time!
  • Private Mastermind Membership You will be a part of Greig’s secret society which meets 4 times a year live in person on land and at sea to get personalized coaching and training from Greig
  • LinkedInception Software that automatically gets traffic to your LinkedIn profile day in and day out with a few clicks of a button
  • FAST ACTION BONUS FOR THE FIRST 40 PEOPLE – Greig will personally close your first deal for you! – SOLD OUT
  • JUST ADDED – Greig’s team will close your first deal for you!

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