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Only 15$ InstaAds Formula by Jeremy Haynes

InstaAds Formula

InstaAds Formula by Jeremy Haynes

Full Training Program – Learn How You Can Leverage Instagram Advertising To Make Sales! Start Seeing Results and Grow Your Business.

What You Will Learn From InstaAds Formula

Module 1: Introduction

Introduction to the InstaAds course and trainer Jeremy Haynes.

Module 2: The Types Of Results You Can Get On Instagram

You’ll understand the types of results you can get on Instagram by understanding “objectives”.

Module 3: Why Instagram Is Important For Advertisers

You’ll learn why Instagram is an important marketing resource for Advertisers.

Module 4: Types Of Ads

You’ll learn the 5 most effective types of Instagram ads.

Module 5: Optimizing Your Profile For Success

You’ll learn why your Profile is one of the most important parts of advertising on Instagram and how to optimize yours for best results.

Module 6: How To Boost Ad Conversions

You’ll learn the KEY strategies to focus on for getting great results from your Instagram ads.

Module 7: How To Create Instagram Ads

Jeremy walks you through the technical “how to” process of creating your ads using the Ad Manager.

Module 8: Determining What’s Working And What To Cut

Jeremy dives into intermediate and advanced training by teaching you what to look for to determine what’s working and what’s not.

Module 9: Automated Rules

You’ll discover how to leverage Automated Rules to scale faster and with more profit!

Module 10: Conclusion

Jeremy shares some final thoughts to bring the course to a close.

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