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Impacting Leaders

Michael Neill – Impacting Leaders

What exactly is the Impacting Leaders course?

To hear Michael tell it, it’s the “Art and Science of Coaching in the Modern World.” Let’s break that down, shall we? The course is divided into sections, each one covering one essential topic.

  • Techniques to connect with and understand humans. Seems overly basic, but is crucial to coaching.
  • Insight-based learning. How to make choices based on concrete observations.
  • Using that insight to overcome obstacles and unlock your own potential as a successful coach.
  • Learn how people become motivated, and how you can tap into it.
  • All about active listening.
  • Gaining “high-impact” clients—i.e.: movers and shakers. These are the clients you want!
  • Developing and expanding your confidence, and therefore your reach.
  • Leaning in to your own style and letting creativity flow.
  • Goal setting and achieving. Remember, this is about living the life you want.

Here are 9 powerful breakthroughs you’ll experience in this course:

  • Learn the universal scientific principles of what really makes humans tick.
  • Experience insight-based learning which unleashes your infinite creative potential as a coach.
  • Tap into the driving force behind human potential.
  • Get better results with less effort and less stress.
  • Listen at a deeper level you never thought possible.
  • Assist high-impact clients to make significant breakthroughs in life, business, and relationships.
  • Grow your confidence and transformative coaching skills as you create a BIGGER impact.
  • Unlock the freedom to live your best life
  • Expand your creative potential and have loads of FUN!

Here is what you get when you join Impacting Leaders today:

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Understanding Principles-Based Coaching
Lesson 3: The Power of Connection
Lesson 4: How Human Beings Actually Work
Lesson 5: Five Rules for Coaching in Business
Lesson 6: The Game of Business
Lesson 7: The Art of Leadership
Lesson 8: Decision Making
Lesson 9: Problem Solving, Creativity & Innovation
Lesson 10: Performance & Productivity
Lesson 11: Handling Pressure & Stress
Lesson 12: Life Beyond the Game
Lesson 13: Transformative Coaching in Action

Lesson 14: Live Call With Michael Neill

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