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Only 25$ Kimanzi Constable – Get Booked (Home Study)

Get Booked (Home Study)

Kimanzi Constable – Get Booked (Home Study)

Welcome to ” Get Booked (Home Study) ”

We transitioned from only selling courses online to charging corporations $30,000 for the same content and training. We get multiple five-figure, one-off training fees.

We license corporations our online courses at a rate of $2,000 per employee (per license, per year). Our team sets up training programs at corporations and we take on done-for-you projects for six-figures.

It’s been a game changer.

You want to charge more in an industry that can afford your highest dollar coaching, courses, and training programs. You want to add more revenue to your bottom line through the corporate consulting. You have a profitable business and you’re looking to level up. You want to take those skills into a new market.

We can help.

We created this program to help entrepreneurs take advantage of a different way to generate income and add new revenue streams to their business. You have the knowledge, expertise, and skills corporations would pay generously for.

Get Booked (Home Study) will teach you how to get it.

In this home study online program, we will show you the exact steps we’ve used to go from doing lower-paying speaking and consulting gigs to getting booked to speak and consult in 78 countries.

We will show you how we’ve helped 300 entrepreneurs, teachers, speakers, consultants, and online business owners sign $950,000 worth of paid speaking and corporate consulting contracts in 68 countries–and how they’ve built highly-profitable global businesses.

What This Program Is

This program is step-by-step. You will learn how to create the right foundation, how to find and pitch PAID gigs, see real-life examples, and get access to documents that will help you build a thriving speaking and consulting business.

The sessions will teach you how to start from the very beginning, how to build, and how to get gigs as you build. If you have experience, this program will teach you how to use that experience to book five and six-figure gigs.

The focus of this program is booking gigs at midsize companies, Fortune 100-500 companies, and large multinational corporations all over the world.

This program is all about taking action and getting results. You’ll get ongoing support to make sure that happens.

What You Get From Get Booked (Home Study)

  • ​Screen-shared video training sessions: we will walk you through the exact steps to book paid speaking and corporate consulting worldwide. There are 22 total training videos that have 60 plus hours of content.
  • Ongoing support: you get access to our amazing private group to network, get additional training sessions with experts, share experiences, and get more corporate consulting training.​
  • Q&A sessions: monthly Q&A sessions are on the first Thursday of every month.
  • SEVEN bonus training sessions: experts in the paid speaking and corporate consulting industry teach you. In these pre-recorded sessions, you will learn: how to negotiate corporate consulting contracts, how to do corporate training, how to beat self-limiting beliefs and create a stronger mindset, how to create expert content, how to legally structure your business, and how to master local consulting.
  • Documents: you get sample contracts, contract templates, pitch templates, real-life pitches that were accepted at conferences, companies, and publications, specific contact info, session handouts, sample slides, pitch examples, and a ton of document-based resources.
  • Cold-pitch case study: you get a real-life example of a booked consulting deal. You see everything from the cold-pitch email, the company’s response, an interview about what happened in the proposal meeting, the proposal deck, the signed contract, and the presentation given.
  • Lifetime access. You get lifetime access to the course content and private group. You get all the new course content every time we update the program.
  • Live session participation. You get to join the live sessions every time we run them (four times a year).

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