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Only 11$ Shawn Anderson – Evergreen Contest Formula

Evergreen Contest Formula

Shawn Anderson – Evergreen Contest Formula

Imagine this:

You fire up an ad.

You get the ‘excitement’ going because everyone loves to ‘ENTER TO WIN’.

And guess what you have?

An ad that just keeps going.

One you don’t need to shut off.

Just keeps on spitting out lead after lead after lead.

And now you are going, “That’s great, but how do I keep the contest going indefinitely?”

Great question.

This isn’t just any old contest.

This is what I refer to as an “Everyone Wins” contest.

The old, trade your email for a lead magnet model is all but dying.

But turn that into a contest?

We just leveled up the excitement.

And once they click the ‘Learn More’ button?

They are IMMEDIATELY hit with a ‘Congratulations, you won!’ screen.

Watch your conversion rates SOAR.

And the BEST part?

Introducing… The Evergreen Contest Formula:



First, you need a 30k ft. overview of what we are actually doing…
How it all comes together from start to finish. By the time you get done with this overview, you will get that little bit of a tingle. That tingle you get when you are on to something new. We are hitting all the ‘happy buttons’ here. This will get you buzzing about rocking this out step by step…


Tools: The 3 Essential Tools I Use…

There are 3 tools I use to bring this all together. (outside of our FB ad)
– Privacy Policy
– Autoresponder
– Lead Transfer Software
Simple to use. Cost effective.
These 3 tools are what I use. Tested. Tried. True. No learning curve here. I’ve already done it 😉


Facebook Lead Ad: THE Ad to Run…

Oh baby. Facebook ‘doomsdayers’ got you down? Doesn’t matter. Facebook Lead Ads are here… And here to stay in 2019. I’m even giving you my ad template. All you need to do is plug-n-play and fill-in-the-blanks. Enough said.


Viral ‘Thank You’ Page: Want your ad to go viral?

When you see our ‘thank you’ page that your new lead sees, you will be FLOORED. So simple. It’s a twist on anything you have seen. When I say simple, I mean SIMPLE… ($147 Value)


ConvertKit/Zapier: BORING lol…

Yeah, these are a bit boring. It’s part of the tech setup. Necessary but boring. But I kept it SUPER simple. And takes no time at all to set up! ($197 Value)


Lead Follow-Up: Email your list!

That pretty much sums it up. Are you emailing your list? Why not? We are building you a highly targeted list. This is where you either win or lose. Email that freakin’ list! ($147 Value)


Fill-in-the-Blanks Ad Template: Oh boy. This one is a doozy…

This is just plain GOLD. Just typing this out gets me fired up. Want to pop off a new ad campaign and have it take off IMMEDIATELY? THIS IS IT BABY!!! (PRICELESS)

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