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Course Creator Pro

Course Creator Pro – Parker Walbeck

Welcome to Course Creator Pro

If you’re looking to create an online course of your own, and make money sharing it with students around the world,  may be the course for you.

Course is an online course that teaches you how to create an online course.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well maybe it’s exactly what you need.

What Type Of Course Do You Want To Create

When creating an online course, you have 2 options: Low-Ticket or High-Ticket.

Low-Ticket: Typically sells for $10-$20, hosted on Udemy, the heavy lifting is done for you (marketing), you give 25-75% of each sale to Udemy.

High-Ticket: Typically sells for $100-$1,000, hosted on your own website, you do the heavy lifting (marketing), you give 0-10% of each sale to host website.

The big factor is that Course  focuses on creating High-Ticket courses.

What’s Involved In Course Creator Pro ?

High-Ticket courses, like the ones Course teaches you how to create, have a few important steps:

  • Creating
  • Hosting
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Scaling

These 5 steps are very important to create a successful online course, and Course Creator Pro does an excellent job covering each step in detail.

Recommended Student Type

Course Creator Pro is a suitable course for someone who:

Has knowledge to share

Has some level of teaching experience

Is willing to learn (70+ video lectures in Course )

Is willing to invest time in creating a great course

Course Creator Pro is the real deal. It teaches you how to create a professional, high-ticket, course that over-delivers value to students.

Although Course Creator Pro covers information for beginners to get up-to-speed, the course is overall made for intermediate/advanced level students.

Non-Recommended Student Type

Course Creator Pro is not a suitable course for someone who:

Is brand new to teaching

Does not have helpful information to share

Wants to make money fast

Is not willing to put in time to make a great course

For someone that is an absolute complete beginner, Course may be too much information to handle.

what you will learn from Course Creator Pro :

StartHow to Join the Private FB Group
StartThe 7-Figure Sales Funnel (OVERVIEW) (18:08)
StartThe 7-Figure Course Creation CHECKLIST!
StartALL Gear/Software Recommendations (Links To Buy)
StartFull Time Filmmaker Discount (50% OFF)
StartAdobe CC Suite Discount (60% OFF) (2:17)
StartBECOME A CCP AFFILIATE! (Make $200 per sale)
Start1.1 – My 5 Keys to Success (13:20)
Start1.2 – Market Research 101 (6:14)
Start1.3 – Structure: Outline Your Curriculum (7:06)
Start1.4 – Scripting Your Lessons (9:57)
Start1.5 – Branding 101 (8:44)
Start1.6 – How to Create a Logo INTRO VIDEO (3:02)
Start1.7 – What Camera Gear to BUY to Film Content (8:39)
Start1.8 – 10 Tips for SHOOTING Tutorials (12:22)
Start1.9 – How to Film a Tutorial with UNDER $1,000 (24:38)
Start1.10 – How to Edit a Tutorial (34:24)
Start1.11 – How to SCREEN RECORD (Screenflow & OBS) (9:19)
Start1.12 – 10 Tips for EDITING Tutorials (14:12)
Start1.13 – CREATE + ANIMATE Graphics (7:52)
Start1.14 – How to Build a Strong COMMUNITY (5:47)
Start1.15 – How to Land PARTNERSHIPS for DISCOUNTS (5:20)
Start1.16 – 7 Ideas for BONUSES to Include (3:09)
Start2.1 – Setting Up an LLC and BANK ACCOUNT (5:15)
Start2.2 – Setting Up DOMAIN & CUSTOM EMAIL (4:45)
Start2.3 – Set Up EMAIL LIST (Mailchimp Setup) (4:38)
Start2.4 – Build Opt-In Page Using Squarespace ($12/month) (7:27)
Start2.4..1 – Build Opt-In Page Using Mailchimp (FREE OPTION) (3:49)
Start2.5 – Where to Host Course? Teachable vs. Thinkific (9:25)
Start2.6 – TEACHABLE : Signup + Course Branding + Uploading Content (7:39)
Start2.7 – TEACHABLE : Setup Custom Course URL (2:27)
Start2.8 – TEACHABLE : Setup Sales, Checkout, and Thank you pages. (7:36)
Start2.9 – Set Up ZAPIER + Connect Teachable to MAILCHIMP (5:21)
Start2.10 – Setting Up SOCIAL MEDIA (5:51)
Start2.11 – Set Up Affiliate Marketing (AMAZON + (6:00)
Start2.12 – How We Built Our Squarespace Website (Part 1) (14:32)
Start2.13 – How We Built Our Squarespace Website (Part 2) (12:03)
Start3.1 – The 9 Mental Triggers (12:50)
Start3.2 – What Should I PRICE My Course? (15:26)
StartCourse Pricing Calculator
Start3.3 – My Top 10 Pricing Strategies (9:09)
Start3.4 – How I Made $250,000 On BLACK FRIDAY Week (5:39)
Start3.5 – WHEN to Launch your Course (4:53)
Start3.6 – The Pre Pre Launch – 7 Ways to Build An Email List (9:46)
Start3.7 – The Pre Launch – Successful Email Marketing Tips (8:08)
Start3.8 – How to Write, Set Up, & Send Emails (Mailchimp) (9:26)
Start3.9 – 9 Reasons Why I Use Webinars (7:10)
Start3.10 – My Webinar BLUEPRINT – Part 1 – Title, Content, Structure (15:45)
Start3.11 – My Webinar BLUEPRINT – Part 2 – Setting Up LIVE Webinars (Webinarjam) (10:39)
Start3.12 – The LAUNCH! (LIVE Webinar Presentation Tips) (10:33)
Start3.13 – The Post Launch (Follow Up & Close the Launch) (6:06)
Start3.14 – Live vs. Automated Webinars (14:23)
Start3.15 – AUTOMATED WEBINARS Part 1 – Setting Up An Automated Webinar (EverWebinar + Vimeo) (13:41)
Start3.16 – AUTOMATED WEBINARS Part 2 – Analyzing Data – Increase Sign Up, Show up, engagement/retention/purchase rates (13:32)
StartCase Study – URGENCY (statistics for launching our mini course)
StartCase Study – RED vs GREEN buttons? (Call to action A/B testing)
StartCase Study – I spent $30k on a Marketing Agency, here’s what I learned
Start4.1 – Facebook Ads 101: When Should You Start & How Do They Work? (14:45)
Start4.2 – How to Set Up a Facebook Ads Account (1:54)
Start4.3 – Ad Creative: The Headline (5:40)
Start4.4 – Ad Creative: Writing Ad Copy (9 Tips) (8:09)
Start4.5 – Ad Creative: My Video Script Template (13:38)
Start4.6 – Set Up A Facebook Ad Part 1 – Setting Up Your Pixel (3:43)
Start4.7 – Set Up A Facebook Ad Part 2 – Budget & Audience Targeting (11:23)
Start4.8 – Set Up A Facebook Ad Part 3 – Creative: Headlines, Copy, Video/Image (3:47)
Start4.9 – Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting – Creating Custom & Look-a-Like Audience from Email List (6:07)
Start4.10 – Analyzing Data – Day 6 (10:01)
Start4.11 – Analyzing Data – Day 8 (7:13)
Start4.12 – Scaling – Day 11 – Custom Audience from Webinar Sign Ups Email List (8:25)
Start4.13 – Scaling – Day 14 – Custom Audience Using 95% Viewed Content (8:01)
Start4.14 – Scaling – Day 14 – International Expansion (15:11)
Start4.15 – Scaling – Week 3 – Doubling Budget (Don’t Do This) (18:22)
Start4.16 – Descaling – How I Wasted $1000! (4:21)
Start4.17 – Retargeting Ad Setup (5:36)
Start4.18 – How to Overcome Your FB Ad Plateau (10:01)
Start5.1 – Quantification – The #1 Key To Scaling! (9:38)
Start5.2 – Weekly Reporting Template (9:08)
Start5.3 – (COMING SOON) Monthly Reporting Template
StartWeekly Report Example from $80k Week at FTF
Start5.3 – Time Management – 10 Tips to 10x Productivity (Part 2) (12:57)
Start5.4 – Time Management – 10 Tips to 10x Productivity (Part 2) (12:45)
Start5.5 – Organic Traffic: How to Build a Youtube Channel (Part 1) (15:15)
Start5.6 – Organic Traffic: How to Build a Youtube Channel (Part 2) (15:23)
Start5.7 – (COMING SOON) Customer Service: How to Create Raving Fans
Start5.8 – Affiliate Marketing 101 (7:55)
StartRefund Rate Insights
StartROI Calculator
StartJob Shadow – How I Shoot Tutorials (My Setup) (11:45)
StartJob Shadow – Tips for Editing Tutorials (10:48)

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