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Christina Berkley – Elements

About Christina Berkley

he was born in Romania, before the Iron Curtain fell. Fortunately, my parents had the courage to find their way West when he was young. he came to Canada at 6, and through the amazing experience of my parents and his own journey, he learned that

Science has been a thread throughout my life. In grade 6 I won my school, area, and regional science fair with a project on the Seebeck Effect. I couldn’t go on to the Nationals because I was one year too young. I went on to study Microbiology and Immunology at McGill University. I have been following the Singularity buzz for the last decade.


In my undergrad, I spent a year as a Research Assistant working to understand the effects of chronic stress on DNA and aging. This was fascinating but too far removed from helping people. I spent a year volunteering at the San Francisco Suicide Hotline, loved it, and considered a career as a psychologist.


In my exploration and research of psychology, therapy, and coaching, I discovered that coaching was more future-facing and action-orientated. That was it. I loved science, but my gift was with people (connecting with them, understanding them, and helping them grow.) That’s where I focused my energy and studies.

And, I became damn good at it.


Now, after many years of experience helping clients step into their power and deliver amazing results, my clients are the ones at the forefront of change in areas that make a significant difference in the world.

I know that the genius that helps these visionaries can also hold them back. I am particularly well suited to help them broaden their range of power. Communication and relationships are two examples of areas that often are not as strong. They often live in their heads and are missing a mind-body connection or the more soulful side of life which is intimately connected to performance and leadership. They overachieve at work and I work with them to replicate this success in the rest of their lives, which in turn has a beneficial effect on their capacity to make their vision a reality.

What you will get from Christina Berkley – Elementsin the self-paced home study video course :

Element 1 : Building An Empowering Community

Topics includes:

  • How to go beyond just likes and subscribers to build a truly empowering community that serves a broad range of people and gets your message out
  • How to use your community platform to establish your expertise and credibility
  • Learn how to leverage the impact in your community to create your dream clients
  • Get the exact how-tos of running a powerful community, both online and in-person with best practices to follow and loads of ideas you can adapt to your unique style and personality

Element 2 : Deeper & More Powerful 1-on-1 Coaching

Topics includes:

  • The secret to charging higher rates for your 1-on-1 coaching and how to position it to attract highly committed clients
  • Optimal pricing structures to fit the different times in an entrepreneur cycles, as well as pricing structures for non-profits and corporate clients
  • Get the exact how-to’s to powerfully run 1-on-1 coaching sessions, deliver impact even between sessions, and how to close renewals and referrals
  • The real answer to the pressing question: “Should I display my rates on my website?”

Element 3 : Dynamic Group Coaching

Topics includes:

  • Learn how to optimise your time to enjoy more freedom while increasing your impact
  • Discover how group coaching can bring a completely different dynamic that your clients will love
  • Get the exact how-to’s you need to confidently run group coaching (even if you’ve never done one before!) with exact guidelines on logistics, softwares, and structure
  • How to deal with difficult group members who are being problematic without attacking them while powerfully serving them

Element 4 : Up Close & Personal – Apprenticeship / Mentorship

Topics includes:

  • Understand what an apprenticeship or mentorship truly entails and how it can deliver an ongoing, deeper training to reach greater heights and open exciting new possibilities
  • How to position your apprenticeship or mentorship services to attract highly successful people (even those who most people think don’t need coaching!)
  • Tips to add deliver extra value to your clients in your apprenticeship or mentorship program
  • Get the exact how-tos from structuring different levels of apprenticeship or mentorship programs to pricing and logistics

Element 5 : Transformative Intensives

Topics includes:

  • Understand what an intensive truly entails and how it can powerfully serve a truly transformational impact in less time
  • Tips to add more dynamic, joy and diversity to your coaching practice with intensives that leave a truly lasting impact your clients will remember for life
  • Guidelines on how to structure the price of an intensive, including a logistics checklist that you need to consider
  • Get the exact how-tos for both online and in-person sessions, including how to follow-up post session to ensure lasting impact and momentum of their progress
  • PLUS: Specific example with exact details of how to structure exciting, powerful and transformational intensives unique to your strengths

Element 6 : The Art of Authentic Sales

Topics includes:

  • How to market to and appeal to a broad range of people with different needs, budgets and goals
  • The optimal number of options to have on your menu of services that doesn’t overwhelm your potential clients (or you!)
  • Why you shouldn’t trade hours for dollars with hourly rates and what you should do instead
  • Exact how-tos on managing different payment options, such as up-front payment, payment plans and automatic payments

Element 7 : Powerful Worksheets

Topics includes:

  • Sample worksheets from marketing to logistics, assessments, homework and contracts that you can adapt or use right away
  • Pricing worksheets so you’re no longer stabbing in the dark and experimenting with what your prices should be
  • PLUS: Filtering questions you can use to ensure you create the committed clients perfectly aligned with your style and that you are super excited to work with

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