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Only 23$ James Van Elswyk – Business Scaling – Geekout P3 Edition

Business Scaling – Geekout P3 Edition

James Van Elswyk – Business Scaling – Geekout P3 Edition

Welcome to ” Business Scaling – Geekout P3 Edition ”


  •  It’s No Secret: Going From 7-Figures To 8-Figures And Beyond Requires A Dedicated And Loyal Team.
  •  Building Out The Right Team Players And Learning To Trust Those Team Players With “Revenue Responsibility” Puts You In The Position For Exponential Business Growth And Enables You As A Leader To Seek More Business Opportunities Rather Than Putting Out Daily Fires.


You may know me from my speaking events, including Affiliate Summit, iStack Training, and my own Geek Out educational experiences.

Now, in all my time teaching and growing teams, I have discovered one problem that seems to plague even the best of the best in this industry:

Going from a one man/woman show to a streamlined business with a full team of employees you trust with the keys to the kingdom and build this team out quickly and effectively.


  •  I’ve Hired And Fired Thousands Of People Across Many Industries Over The Past 26 Years.
  •  I’ve Scaled One Business From 8 Employees To 80 Employees In One Year And Up To 440 In 2.5 Years.
  •  I’ve Scaled My Lead Generation And Ecommerce Media Buying Business From 1 Outsourced Campaign Manager To 35 Employees (25 In-House) And 10s Of Millions In Revenue In Only 2 Years.
  •  My “Data-Proven Method” Of Building And Scaling A Business Works So Well, I’ve Been Able To Build An Entire Creative Department Outside The U.S. In Less Than 30 Days And Scale It To 14 Full-Time Employees. Note: I’ve Never Visited The Department Once, And None Of The Employees Even Speak English. And The Department Is Consistently Profitable!
  •  Trained Multiple Media Buyers From Zero Knowledge On How To Buy Media… To Eventually Managing Millions Of Dollars In Ad Budgets.
  •  I Currently Run Multiple Highly-Successful Multi-Million Dollar Companies With Employees That Never Call Out Sick Because They Fu**ing Love What They Do And Are Inspired To Work.


My P3 Scaling System is not cheap.


Because This Is The First Time I Unveil What I Do And How I Do It.

The only other time I taught my system on scaling out a highly-successful team was to a small group of entrepreneurs that each paid $10,000 to attend.

I figure If I’m going to show how I eliminate turnover, create highly-motivated team members, increase margins, and make every employee extremely valuable to the company… then I’m going to charge a pretty penny.

And it’s no secret…

My team is what HBO is to television.

Bold. Detailed. Hit Makers.

If that’s what you desire, then this will be the best page you’ll read all day.



  •  My personal “People Pixel Strategy Secret” that is like taking data from ad campaigns and applying it to your team members so you can make effective decisions for explosive business growth in less than a year.
  •  My everyday business solutions straight from my own “seasoned pixel brain.” Listen, I’ve been doing this a long time. Learning from my mistakes and successes is like striking gold in terms of ROI.
  •  How to structure your short, medium, and long term goals based on your profits and data (this is where many businesses fail because they get caught up with the “sales emotions” which puts them in a bind… always looking for the “next sale” rather than sustainable strategies).
  •  My “hands on” business tactic that I discovered when I hired my first employee at the age of 17. This grants me the ability to see how and where to generate money every single day in my business without hesitation or worry.
  •  How living and doing business in Israel has helped me run a “cash cow” business without feeling dependent on lines of credit.
  •  How to become permanently “cash positive” in your business so that you don’t wake up in a panic because you didn’t make sales yesterday (this involves getting disciplined on costs in areas with smaller margins).
  •  My personal and easy-to-use equation I call: “How I’m Gonna Make A Sh*t Ton Of Green™️”. This is the equation I use before I begin any project. Most business owners consider the costs of ads and media spend. But they tend to forget about this one core cost that affects the entire business.
  •  How to avoid the dreaded “STUCK” when trying to scale your business (“fear of scaling” is real, but it doesn’t have to be. It happens to business owners because they are used to the way they’ve been scaling campaigns. I’ll show you how to rid yourself of this fear by giving you a clear understanding at how to build out a team with ease).
  •  The precise metrics to look at to know if and when you can scale your business, including where to start and why. (This will save you a lot of time, money, and headaches because I give you a proven roadmap to follow.)

Here’s More Of What You’ll Learn In My Business Scaling Training:

  •  The top 6 departments you should absolutely outsource to the right people (including how to find those people and what “red flags” you should keep an eye on).
  •  What you should not under any circumstance outsource unless you want to ruin your brand, voice, and business goals.
  •  How to create a corporate culture that is so revered, other companies will go out of their way to compliment you and how you treat and work with your employees. (This is what separates the “perception” of a great company, and a truly great company because the employees feel it and believe it. This is one of my many secrets to keeping employees on my payroll for over 10+ years and love working with me.)
  •  The #1 way to destroy your “Business Conversion Rates” on repeat orders and more clients, and how to avoid this. If it’s not avoided, then you’ll get more “walk-outs” and less respect in the marketplace.
  •  Why speaking at live events that are relevant to your industry at least once or twice a year is absolutely critical if you care about your brand and voice.
  •  A “company cloning secret” that creates an illusion of “choice” to fickle clients.
  •  My personal “War Chest Analysis.” This is what you follow IF everything in your business decides to take a sh*t. This includes how much to have set aside, how long you can last, assessment of damage, and knowing exactly what to do to become cash positive as quickly as possible.
  •  The “True Loss Calculation” I always review when testing new offers and closing out each month (and how to go from “projections” to “actuals” in the least amount of time).
  •  Why you should STOP hiring more media buyers. (I explain this reasoning in Chapter 3 and why 97.6% of business owners are doing this backwards. I’ll show you how to save more money and create bad ass media buyers at the same time.)

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