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Only 25$ Carl Allen – Business Buying Accelerator 2.0

Business Buying Accelerator 2.0

Business Buying Accelerator 2.0 – Carl Allen

Welcome to ” Business Buying Accelerator 2.0 Course ”

Who is Carl Allen?

He is the CEO of Ninja Acquisitions which specializes in M&A. It helps small and medium businesses reach their goals for capital fundraising.

Has worked on more than 250 acquisitions and sales as well as more than 100 capital fundraising projects totaling more than $50 billion.

Has worked 24 years in 17 different countries analyzing thousands of businesses of all sizes and in 23 sectors.

Worked for Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, Forrester, and Gartner.

That is a lot of experience. I may not have worked for as many companies as Carl, but 2014 was the beginning of a new life for me.  Thanks to an online course I took on lead gen, I was able to leave my job and set off on an entrepreneurial journey that has landed me huge profits. I do this by following a simple business model. I build small websites that generate leads for local businesses and I make amazing passive income.  I will tell you more after this Business Buying Accelerator review…

How To Buy A Business inside Of 99 Days Using Other People’s Money.


Is the first program of it’s kind that.

If you find yourself nodding along with ANY of the following, then you are in the perfect position to enroll in the Business Buying Accelerator and buy your first business inside of 99 days.

What you’ll learn from ” Business Buying Accelerator 2.0 Course ”

1- Module No 1: DEAL MINDSET

  • How to establish your deal making mindset.
  • Understanding basic financial analysis and business buying basics.
  • Important housekeeping items and the ten commandments of the system.



  • How to define your dream business by examining your skills, knowledge, passion and target locations.
  • Understanding the difference between owning a business and operating it and why others can operate the business for you.
  • How to define your ideal business size by developing a wealth creation plan and working backwards from your ultimate financial goals.


  • How to originate hundreds of solid opportunities for deals from burned-out owner managers, time-starved investors and changing big businesses.
  • Why building trust, credibility and rapport is essential in you positioning yourself as the safe pair of hands and the perfect buyer.
  • Multiple deal origination methods including social media, your human network, events, direct approaches and business brokers.


  • How to research each target business inside of 10 minutes and determine how the opportunity maps to your deal specification.
  • How to quickly identify the best opportunities from the hundreds you have originated to ensure you prioritize your time and effort.
  • How to approach sellers, set up meetings and the critical rules of engagement when you are face to face.


  • How to analyze the business financials inside of 10 minutes, including the income statement, balance sheet and cash flows.
  • How to structure a deal instantly using the deal structuring tool provided and ensuring the business can pay for itself.
  • How to determine what funding is available before making an offer.


  • How to develop a sequence of offers for each business and when to use each offer in the sequence.
  • How to create offer letters based on the offer sequence and understanding the different parts of the letter.
  • How to use basic and advanced negotiation strategies to create a win-win offer for you and the seller.

7- Module No 7: FINANCING

  • What different financing methods are available to you and what to expect for each type of method.
  • How to use seller financing, earn outs, and 90 day closing payments to defer the payments for the business.
  • An overview of the financing process and what is needed from you at the different stages of securing financing.

8- Module No 8: DEAL EXECUTION

  • Why you need to use contingency fee advisors such as lawyers and accountants to help you close the deal and how to approach them at the right time in the process.
  • Although your contingent advisers handle due diligence and the legal contract, it’s important to understand exactly what the process entails.
  • An overview of the different deal structures and legal contracts used in a deal, so you know how to best manage your contingency fee advisors.

9- Module No 9: CLOSING

  • What exactly happens at closing including final checklists and a complete review of the business buying process.
  • Hiring a General Manager if you want to run the business as an owner/investor.
  • Going to the business as the owner for the first time.

10- Module No 10: 100 DAY OWNERSHIP TRAINING

  • Understanding how to administratively optimize your new business to reach the growth goals you have set..
  • How to make the strategic changes within your business to maximize growth.
  • Engineering your business and it’s working capital, cash flow and our 7-Keys financial framework to optimze cash flows in a variety of ways.

With Amazing Bonuses


  • Once you have purchased your first business, how to bolt-on other deals inside of your funnel.
  • The 600% profit accelerator and why cross-selling products and services between customers and combining operations will turbo-charge profit and ultimately your value.
  • How to merge complimentary businesses together and earn both lucrative fees and equity just for playing matchmaker.


  • Once you own your first business, what you need to do to get off to a fast start.
  • How to make your new business highly attractive to future buyers who will pay you a premium to buy it from you.
  • How to work part-time ON your business strategically and leave others to operate it for you working IN the business tactically.


  • If you don’t want to own a business, how you can make six to seven figures annually by brokering deals for others.
  • How to set yourself up as a dealmaking consultant and what free and low-cost tools you need to get started.
  • How you can get free equity in businesses just by using your skills to take the business forward.

4- Bonus No 4: Ready Prep Sell

  • Understanding what type of buyers meet your desires for selling your business and which types of buyers are looking for businesses just like yours to acquire.
  • How to find buyers that are ready to acquire your business.
  • How to optimize, grow, and position your business in the market to not only make it more attractive to buyers, but to help you reach your selling goals.

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