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Only 19$ The Selling Family – Amazon Boot Camp V4.0

Amazon Boot Camp V4.0

Amazon Boot Camp V4.0 – The Selling Family

Welcome to ” Amazon Boot Camp V4.0 ”

Selling on Amazon FBA Has Changed Our Families Trajectory…And Yours Can Be Next

This course was created to share everything that we learned in the process of creating a 6-figure retail arbitrage business in less than a year, while working part-time hours!

Did you know that people just like you and me are selling everyday things on Amazon and making a full-time income doing it?  I’m serious!  We are talking about making money selling things like Skittles Duct Tape, Halloween M&M’s, Limited Edition Dolls and so much more.

Whether you are the best bargain hunter (the one who #humblebrags about how cheap their new clothes are) or someone who can’t find the clearance section of Target to save their life, I can help you master the art of buying low and selling high.

Here’s What you’ll learn from Amazon Boot Camp V4.0 :


Amazon Business Basics

In Module 1, you will lay a strong foundation for your new Amazon business.  We’ll cover the different ways that you can sell on Amazon, how you can get inventory to sell, setting your business up legally, making sure your keeping track of your money correctly and even how to treat this as an actual business rather than just a hobby.


Amazon Seller Account Setup

In Module 2, I will walk you through the entire process of setting up your Amazon Seller Account.  I’ll help you select the right type of account for your new business, choose the right seller name and show you how the entire Seller Dashboard works!


Scanning Apps & Other Supplies

In Module 3, we are going to talk about the tools that make our Amazon business run like a well oiled machine!  I’ll show you exactly how to set up your scanning app so that you can find profitable products in stores and you’ll get a list of the must have supplies so you can get your first shipments out the door ASAP without waiting for boxes or tape.


Amazon Categories, Ranks & The Buy Box

In Modules 4 & 5, we are digging deep into the information Amazon gives us that helps us determine if a product is able to be sold by us, how well it’s selling for and how we can get the product in front of eager buyers.


Evaluating If A Product Is Worth Selling

In Module 6, we go through the entire process of determining if a product is worth purchasing to resell or not.  We’ll take a look at not only it’s profitability, but how many you should purchase and looking at the products history to determine how good of a seller it really is!


Retail Arbitrage Sourcing

In Module 7, we are getting to the meat of how we find profitable products in regular retail stores like Big Lots and Target.  I’ll give you strategies for navigating multiple different store types and even give you a behind the scenes look at some of our real life sourcing trips!


Online Arbitrage Sourcing

In Module 8, it’s all about finding profitable products online.  If you are not a fan of going store to store, then this is your bread and butter.  You’ll learn what tools we use to quickly analyze and decide on products from online stores.  I’ll share strategies you can use to make this business model almost completely hands off.  I still wouldn’t call it ‘passive income’ but it’s pretty darn close!


Pricing & Listing Your Products on Amazon

In Modules 9 & 10, we start getting your products actually listed on the Amazon platform.  Of course, I walk you through the entire process step-by-step.  I’ll even show you multiple ways you can get the products on Amazon.  Most importantly, I show you how to strategically price your products so that they will sell quickly and for the highest possible profit.


Prepping – Packing – Shipping

In Modules 11, 12 & 13 it’s all about getting those profitable products out of your house and into an Amazon FBA warehouse. I’ll show you exactly how to safely package your products, no matter the type.  You’ll be able to send your items off confidently and keep track of them until they are live on the Amazon site for purchase.


Managing Your Amazon Account

In Module 14, you’ll discover how to handle all of the behind the scenes operations of selling on Amazon.  This is where you can keep track of all of your sold items, reply to customer messages, communicate with seller support and so much more!

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