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Only 29$ Alex Brittingham – Agency Growth Hack

Alex Brittingham – Agency Growth Hack

Welcome to ” Agency Growth Hack ”

Is The Inner Circle for You?

Are you a Beginner who needs to know where to start?

Learn everything you need to know about Clickfunnels, Chatbots, Automation, Facebook ads, and landing clients with the Technical Walkthroughs sections.

There’s also two sections that will come with checklists, softwares needed, recommended books, and more that will guide you and help you create your agency. Once completed, you can move on to the rest of the course content; these sections are needed as the foundation.

Are you Intermediate but need a copy & paste system for your clients?

Get an inside look at my EXACT process with “The 10 Step System”. This section will show you exactly what I do once I land a client all the way up until launching my campaigns. Includes templates of my funnel, ad copy, lead nurturing sequences, and more.

Are you more Advanced and want to scale your agency?

Myself and other Inner Circle members have added content to the Working Ads section along with Masterclasses that will include successful funnels, Facebook ads, etc. on specific niches so you can literally copy and paste everything to get great results for that niche in your area.

Also our Scaling Your Agency section that will show you how to bring on and qualify VAs to work for you so you can become a legit business owner and not stay an employee.

Are you looking to network with other successful agency owners?

There’s a lot of noise online and sometimes it’s hard to network with the right people. The inner circle has well over 100 agency owners who are beginners, intermediate, and some even making 7-figures per year. This is a great group of marketers to ask for help and ideas.

zero fluff, zero bullsh*t.

Save yourself years of trial and error and eliminate all the guess work.

10-Step Agency System

A lot of agency owners fail because their structure of services

You’ll see my exact agency structure to help you close more deals

Then exactly what to do, step A-Z once you’ve signed a client

And MUCH more.

1 on 1 and Group Support

Group coaching calls every Monday at 12pm EST

Private Facebook group to learn and network with each other

1 on 1 time with me for any support and help

And MUCH more.

A-Z Campaign Walkthroughs

Every single step I take for every client I sign

The exact templates I use for capturing leads

The technical walkthroughs of setting up everything A-Z

And MUCH more.

The White Label Course

Sometimes prospects can’t afford your services, it happens

You have access to my white label course you can sell

It’s all done for you – charge as much as you want for it

And MUCH more.

Working Offers Section

The ads, funnels, lead nurturing sequences, etc.

Specific niches so you can copy and paste them in your area

Inside look at the not-so-typical niches so you can dominate

And MUCH more.

Turning Leads into Paying Customers

The FULL lead nurturing sequence to use for EVERY client

The Soap Opera Sequence template for you to plug n’ play

Turning forgetful leads into paying customers instantly

And MUCH more.

A-Z Campaign Setup

Every single step I do once I onboard a new client

The full setup I do for each and every client I work with

Funnel, FB lead forms, chatbot, surveys, etc. examples

And MUCH more.

LinkedIn Prospecting Automation

How to land meetings on autopilot with LinkedIn

How to setup and optimize your profile to bring results

Scripts that are proven to land you meetings on autopilot

And MUCH more.

Client Acquisition Technical Walkthrough

Strategies that will make you stand out from other marketers

Generating meetings & referrals to your agency on autopilot

What to say during meetings and how to close deals

And MUCH more.

Facebook Ads Technical Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough on the Facebook Pixel

Creating your Facebook ads from A to Z with templates

Retargeting strategies to get high quality and cheap leads

And MUCH more.

Incognito Pages that Cut Lead Costs

How to create efficient incognito pages that cut your lead costs

Examples of incognito pages to use as a reference

The exact content, headers, etc. to use in your pages

And MUCH more.

Scaling with Virtual Assistants

How and where to find VAs for $2 per hour

How to create SOPs so you can have them handle your work

Tips and tricks on keeping your VAs with you longer

And MUCH more.

Survey Gizmo Techincal Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough on how to create efficient surveys

How to disqualify poor potential leads so you train your pixel

Examples of working industries and ads to use with Survey Gizmo

And MUCH more.

Clickfunnels Technical Walkthrough

Complete Clickfunnels walkthrough

A copy of the ONLY funnel I use for EVERY client I have

Using integrations to create automations with your funnels

And MUCH more.

Automation Technical Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough on Zapier

Sending automatic notifications to clients to follow up with leads

Delivering automatic emails &  texts to your leads so they convert

And MUCH more.

Chatbots Technical Walkthrough

Over 8 different plug n’ play chatbot templates

How to set up customer service bots

How to collect leads using chatbots to bring your clients revenue

And MUCH more.

Unlimited Masterclasses

You will get access to niche-specific masterclasses for free

We are aiming to do 1 masterclass every month ($197 value each)

Access to the replays so you can refer back whenever needed.

And MUCH more.

I could keep going..

I could go on and on, but there’s so much content in the course that this page would be a lot longer if I kept explaining. Everything mentioned above is included, plus you’ll get all future updates and new content that is added to the course, for free.

here’s what you’re getting from Agency Growth Hack today…

Personal 1 on 1 time with me for support (PRICELESS)

Weekly Group Coaching Calls (PRICELESS)

ALL future paid trainings & masterclasses (PRICELESS)

A-Z Campaign Walkthrough for ALL my clients (PRICELESS)

The White Label Course You Can Sell ($997+ Value)

Complete Walkthrough of my 10-Step System ($997 Value)

Working Ads in Different Niches ($997 value)

Landing meetings on autopilot with LinkedIn ($197 value)

How to close deals with only 1 meeting ($297 value)

Facebook Ads Technical Walkthrough ($997 Value)

ClickFunnels Technical Walkthrough ($297 value)

Chatbot Technical Walkthrough + Templates ($497 Value)

Survey Gizmo Technical Walkthrough ($397 value)

Automation Technical Walkthrough ($197 Value)

The ONE funnel I use for EVERY client ($97 Value)

Lead nuruturing sequences and templates ($297 Value)

Members-ONLY Community Inner Circle ($297 Value)


​Full Agency Course: Technical modules that teach you EVERYTHING you need to know for the foundation of Facebook Ads, Funnels, Chatbots, Automation, and Sales, and proven marketing strategies. ($2,758 Value)

​A-Z Campaign Walkthroughs: A step by step walkthrough on how to get your clients results once you’ve landed your clients; the ONE funnel I use for EVERY client, how to turn leads into paying customers, how to craft offers that work, how to CLOSE meetings, & SO MUCH more. ($997 Value)

Working Ads: Get an inside look at the offer, funnel, targeting, ad, etc. for different niches so you can replicate them and get results in that niche. ($997 Value)

​Mentorship: You’ll be added to the private inner circle Facebook group, access our group coaching calls & 1-on-1 calls with me for additional support, for life. (priceless)

BONUS #1 – All Masterclasses for FREE
BONUS #2 – Updated Content FOREVER

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