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Only 29$ Scott Oldford – The R.O.I Method – 7 Day Omnipresence

7 Day Omnipresence

Scott Oldford – The R.O.I Method – 7 Day Omnipresence

Welcome to ” The R.O.I Method – 7 Day Omnipresence ”

In the past few years, I’ve implemented Omnipresence Marketing into THOUSANDS of businesses.

The growth has been staggering…

….Time and time again, people ask for my “Omnipresence Method”….

….and the “secret” 80/20 marketing method that can create a MASSIVE win….

This is what I’ve given them.
There’s a reason why I’ve had so much success and those who choose to do what I say, have so much success.

HOWEVER… I wanted to give a “magic pill” so that maybe… just maybe, someone like you… would feel the “dopamine” of a “quick win”…

And continue to implement my proven strategies and tactics…

so I can help so many EPIC Entrepreneurs…
I’m Scott Oldford and…

In the past 20 years, I’ve grown multiple of my own businesses to over 7-figures

In addition, at this point I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs successfully scale their businesses.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve had to solve a lot of the problems that come with growing a business…

It’s why I created The R.O.I Method, one of the world’s most powerful frameworks for being able to generate new qualified leads, nurturing them and ensuring they they become customers.

Yet… something has been bothering me.

Most people, never get around to implementing my methodology. Yet, for those who do, it rockets their business into the next level.

I thought about it, long and hard.

and I knew… it’s time to create a “quick win” no matter

how big of an audience someone has…

or how big of a business someone has…

Because Omnipresence can work nearly overnight…

and I can help you implement what I call
“Phase 1” in less than 7 days.

Day 1: You’ll discover exactly how Omnipresence works, the theory behind it and the science (parts which I’ve never released).

This will allow you to understand exactly why it’s so important and how to use it inside of your business effectively based on your business model.

Day 2: I’ll bring you through the various content types and omni-stacks that are used in Stage1 of Omnipresence allowing you to use it in Live Launches, Evergreen Funnels and for all sorts of ways to increase sales and your brand authority.

Day 3: The rubber hits the road and I help you craft and develop content, based on either your current content or developing the “right” content to show at the “right” time. By the end of this day, you’ll have all your content planned (and even writing some!)

Day 4: Platform Planning
In this day, you’ll understand which platforms make the most sense for you along with getting those platforms ready.
We cover organic, paid and partner traffic sources for Omnipresence, allowing you to use whatever works in your unfair advantage.

Day 5: Implement
It’s time to implement, giving you in-depth training on how to implement on Organic, as well as Facebook and Instagram Advertising.
Not just an overview- a step-by-step guide.

Day 6: Optimization
You have your omnipresence online, but how do you optimize it and ensure it all works?
I’ll show you.

Day 7: Next Steps and Planning
Now it’s all about the next steps and the ability to take Omnipresence to the next steps.

By expanding Omnipresence and going Omnichannel, this will allow you to really step up the efforts with incredible R.O.I in your business.

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