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5 Client Challenge

Dino Gomez – 5client challenge

Welcome to”5 Client Challenge”

Frequently Asked Questions
Is The 5 Client Challenge for a beginner/Intermediate?
The 5 Client Challenge is perfect for beginners and experienced marketers. These client getting tactics have not been shared & are not circulating the web. If you want more clients, you’ll want these strategies.
Is this program updated?
Yes! This program was just re-produced from it’s original version and is consistently updated.
Can I take this program with a business partner?
Yes! But you will need to contact support to have multiple individuals added to our private community group. You’ll need to provide clear evidence that this is indeed a business parter inside 1 company.
Do I get immediate access?
Yes! As soon as you hit go, you will have instant access to all training modules & will be approved inside our client member community group.
Am I too old or too young to have success with this?
If you can navigate your Facebook page & a website; then you are good to go here! We have member’s that are as young as 21 years old in our tribe that are signing clients left and right. They are learning 100x more in a short period of time then what college could teach them & are positioning themselves up for an amazing lifestyle.

Then we have member’s like Paul Milway who is in his 60’s. Paul is the on track to become our first member to break 7 figures in profits in 1 year with the training provided. Previously Paul struggled with SEO with 5 years so it’s never too late to work hard & strike it big!
Is there anything else I have to purchase?
Yes, we recommend 3rd party tools like Clickfunnels. You can however use any landing page software of your choice including inexpensive one & even build pages on WordPress.
I’ve tried several Client Getting Courses & didn’t get results. How is this different?
I’ve also taken many digital courses in my life too. Many of which were great. Several that were not. The difference here is that The 5 Client Challenge is taught by an actual agency owner. Not an internet marketer. The strategy and tactics are not theory but are actually battle tested tactics that are working right now in our marketing firm with real clients. They have also been proven to work with over 100 test students!

Is this a Facebook Ads Course?
Yes & no. This is a hyper focused program on how to get clients using Facebook ads as the bait. Facebook ads are much easier to sell than SEO or any other service so we open the conversation with clients talking about ads. Then once we have a client onboard, the doors are open to sell SEO or any other service.

Additionally we train you on how to use 1 simple funnel to get your clients 50-200 leads a month! This is the perfect compliment to any service & builds trust in your client relationship which is crucial.
I’m good at Facebook ads. Will I learn anything new?
If you already have experience running Facebook ads then you are familiar with things like landing pages, lookalike audiences, manual bidding, & lead magnets.

Rest assured, there are always new things to learn. And every little tactic that you add to your skillset can wind up saving you huge money during your campaigns. In fact one of our member’s, Gabriel, had spent $70,000 on 1 campaign before joining us.

After watching just 1 of our training videos, he cut his cost per lead down 255%! This alone has literally saved him ten’s of thousands of dollars now.

Is this Funnel Consultant Society? Your Other Program?
No. This is not Funnel Consultant Society. This is a very direct program that focuses on getting clients and getting clients fast results using 1 simple proven funnel. It is the pre-course to Funnel Consultant Society which is for marketers who want to scale to 6 figures.

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